Our Impact

A more prosperous future for all.

When reliable, affordable energy is available to all of us, each of us thrives. Cheap, clean energy enables greater food production, cleaner water, and safer communities. At Avantus, we are pushing technology to create energy that serves people better.

Doing well by doing good.

At Avantus, we recognize the importance of energy to every life, and know the lasting impact of the choices we make as a company. We see this bigger picture, always. And work together to put all our energy towards doing what’s right.

Environmental Stewardship

We are finding new ways to decarbonize our planet while making clean energy more affordable globally.

Diversity and Inclusion

We cultivate an environment that advocates for employees from all backgrounds to bring their unique perspectives to the table.


We carefully vet our supplier network for fair labor practices ensuring a shared ESG commitment throughout our supply chain.

40% of our leadership positions are held by women

(vs. 20% industry average)


32% of our employees identify as nonwhite

(vs. 26% industry average)


Helping communities prosper.

The benefits of solar are reaching every corner of America, creating lasting and meaningful impacts. Avantus is changing the role of power in people’s lives by not only ensuring clean air and land for the communities we build and operate in, but also adding good-paying jobs and providing substantial economic advantages.

Shaping the future of energy.

As a clean energy leader, we’re setting the example of responsibility for others to follow. The new energy industry will not only decarb the planet faster, but will also provide the reliable, low-cost power needed for all people to lead safer, healthier lives.

Our Story

The power of education.

At Avantus, we believe in the transformative power of education - to change a life and uplift entire communities. That’s why we helped create the LA Regional Cleantech Career Academy to inspire young people to build an exciting career in cleantech and create the world they want.

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