The clean, intelligent power plants of the future.

People no longer rely on telephone wires to make calls, punch cards to process data, or film strips to project movies. So why are we still generating power with technologies from the 20th century? The world needs clean generation that is as networked and responsive as the digital tools that drive the rest of our lives.

Smart power is the future of energy.

Smart power plants integrate renewable energy production and storage into one seamless, intelligent system that can provide flexible, predictable output to the grid and help utilities dynamically manage load.

Smart Power Plants:

  • Beat fossil fuels on price and responsiveness
  • Stabilize the modern grid with resilient, reliable power
  • Address climate change with clean energy
  • Accommodate growing and volatile demand

The best energy solution on all counts

smoke stacks billowing smoke into a sepia tone sky
Fossil fuel power
solar array on green grass below a blue sky
Simple renewables
8Minute installation
Smart power plants
GHG free production
Low cost
Production costs low enough to enable electrification of economy
Ensure predictable, reliable power and stable grid with high renewable energy penetration
Optimal utilization of grid infrastructure and power plants
Responsiveness to fluctuations and less predictable demand
New green industries
Build new downstream industries unlocked by cheap, clean, and available energy

Avantus technology is redefining energy.

With the most technologically advanced suite of smart power plant products, Avantus is leading the clean energy transformation.

  • IP-backed products: deliver performance requirements at the lowest-possible cost with reliability exceeding fossil fuel plants.
  • Range of designs: a full suite of plant designs meets the diverse needs of any utility at low cost, from baseload to peak load.
  • Developer partnerships: close collaboration optimizes each project and reduces the cost of clean, reliable energy.


The most advanced suite of smart power plants

Avantus Simply Solar

Produces the lowest-cost energy during the day when the sun is shining

Avantus Baseload

Delivers a consistent supply of energy during the day and after sunset at the lowest cost to customers

Avantus Peaker

Supplies flexible energy from battery at moderate cost during peak demand, even after sundown

Avantus Super Peaker

Supplies a highly flexible energy to customers during peak demand by discharging battery simultaneously with solar production

Avantus Flex

Option allows customer to leverage same plant hardware in two roles depending on season or time of day

Avantus Stretch

Meets air conditioning loads in the summer and provides baseload-like energy shape at lower power in the winter

Avantus Sundown

Stores low-cost solar energy during the day to deliver a consistent supply of energy at night

Avantus Hydrogen

Generates clean electricity and green hydrogen, which can be used for seasonal energy storage or to fuel other hard-to-decarbonize sectors.

Our portfolio of smart power plants under development will bring power to 20 million people.

Our Impact

Designed & proven to meet customer needs.

Through our development platform our power plant designs continue to set records and capture efficiencies that were previously unthinkable.

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