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As a leader in green hydrogen solutions, Avantus is making large-scale, low-cost green hydrogen possible.

Avantus Green Hydrogen Facility

Green hydrogen can decarbonize hard-to-electrify sectors

It’s also key to achieving a 100% renewable and reliable power grid.

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Solar-powered hydrogen production

1. A solar powered electrolyzer makes hydrogen from water
The electricity breaks the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, so the only byproduct of this process is another valuable gas.

2. The hydrogen can be stored indefinitely, until it’s needed.
It can be stored underground in places like salt caverns, or even depleted gas wells, making new use of unproductive spaces. A single cavern in a mine can store enough energy to power Los Angeles for a week.

3. It becomes clean fuel for power generation, transportation, heating, and more.
Green hydrogen can also replace fossil-fuel-based hydrogen in industrial applications like producing fertilizer, metals and cement.

A visual diagram of the green hydrogen process


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