Leading the clean energy evolution.

The world can’t wait any longer. To fight climate change, our smart power plants are leading the world into a new era of clean energy.

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Our best hope is already here.

The technology to produce affordable, reliable clean energy for millions of people exists. It’s not just a good idea. It’s built, proven, and ready to scale.

  • Forward-thinking systems to manage tomorrow’s production capabilities
  • Proprietary design and analytics tools to optimize performance
  • Best-in-class team dedicated to reshaping the energy industry
Our Innovations

Avantus was born green.

We have both the scale and the expertise to remake the industry. We are a category-defining company on track to become one of the first pure play clean energy majors.

What is a clean energy major?

  • 100% focused on renewables
  • Driving impactful solutions at scale
  • Comprehensive scope of products and services

Our mission is to deliver clean energy by developing, building, selling, or operating the nation’s largest solar power plants and storage facilities, enabled by our technology, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of better.

Clean energy is possible without trade-offs.

Our proprietary solutions are showing the industry what’s achievable with clean energy.


Modern solar plants with storage offer 99% availability, making them a perfect replacement for polluting coal and gas-fired plants with just 80-85% availability.

Source: CPUC, NERC


Renewables are significantly undercutting fossil fuels as the world’s cheapest source of electricity, and costs will continue to fall, while the price of storage systems has dropped by more than 80% in the last decade.

Source: IEA, BNEF


Nationwide, renewable, emissions-free power could reduce power generaion from natural gas by 70% by 2035.

Source: UC Berkeley

One planet, one team.

Creating a sustainable world. It’s why we choose to work here. Why this company exists at all. We’re proud of the work we do together, because it matters. Not just to us, but to everyone everywhere.

Our Impact

To protect future generations, it's going to take all of us.