The clean energy age is here.

Through our portfolio of clean, smart power plants, Avantus is proving what’s possible when technology and sustainability work together.

Avantus energy storage

Energy that’s free of compromises.

There used to be trade-offs with energy. If it was reliable, it was dirty. If it was clean, it was expensive. Not anymore. At Avantus, we’re creating energy without limitations. Smart energy that’s clean, reliable, cheap, and accessible.

About Avantus
Aerial photo of solar arrays in desert.

People who make it possible.

Technology doesn’t just happen. It’s created by people whose unique perspectives expand our collective abilities. At Avantus, our team is comprised of diverse talents who model the world we want to create—a place where different points of view propel us forward together.

Meet Our Team
Photo of woman at touchscreen controls

Let’s put this mess behind us.

Wildfires, tropical storms, rising seas. The world is suffering. As humans, we have both the responsibility and the ingenuity to turn things around.

Our Story

Our name is a promise

Avantus was created to advance us all toward a more prosperous future. Through the advantages of our clean energy technology, we will provide the world with accessible, reliable, affordable power.