Our Story

Fighting climate change from the start.

In 2009, Tom Buttgenbach was done waiting. He saw the little time left to stop the increasing damage of carbon emissions, and dedicated his life's work to fighting climate change.

Smart Power Plant

Today, the activist spirit of our founder is still what drives us.

Our purpose is to proudly work together to innovate high-impact clean energy solutions that fight climate change and build a prosperous future for all. Through technology, innovation and the relentless pursuit of better, Avantus is using all of our experience and resources to make the greatest impact we can.

Relentless pursuit of better ®

Built on learnings and technologies validated through 8minute’s proven, record-setting portfolio, Avantus has a strong foundation of engineering and technical excellence.

  • 2009

    8minute Solar Energy was created to fight climate through solar energy deployment at scale

  • 2011

    Started developing one of the largest solar clusters in the nation

  • 2016

    Delivered one of the first solar plants to beat fossil fuel prices

  • 2019

    Designed first high-efficiency “baseload” smart solar plant with 60% summer capacity factor

    Photo of Eland Smart Power Plant
  • 2022

    Avantus was born out of 8minute to reflect the company's expanded scope and accelerate the clean energy transition


    We are delivering superior clean energy solutions through a combination of development, products and services

We believe in the power of people.

As a team, we are capable of amazing things. Regardless of our individual roles, these perspectives unite and guide us as we move forward together in pursuit of our shared purpose.

Better is a journey, not a destination.

We are bold, outspoken and ambitious. We believe there are no limits to what we can achieve with a problem-solving spirit. We value continuous feedback and we challenge each other to tinker, iterate and improve in the relentless pursuit of better.

Respect and trust propel business forward.

We believe relationships built on trust, transparency and respect move business forward. We treat our colleagues, customers and the communities we work in as partners and take pride in finding winning solutions for each and every stakeholder.

Innovation is borne from diverse perspectives.

We believe collaboration of diverse perspectives brings forth the best solutions. We believe everyone has the potential to inspire and innovate.We champion the disruptors, analytical thinkers and doers who propel innovation forward.

Excellence in execution is mission critical.

We believe operational discipline and executional excellence make innovation a reality. We believe innovation without execution is just an idea. We value ownership and accountability.


We are proudly working together to innovate high-impact clean energy solutions that fight climate change and build a prosperous future for all.

Together, we worked across teams, roles and tenures to define a worthy purpose statement with meaning to us all.

The climate crisis is real.

It’s impossible to ignore the wake-up call we’re facing: More than 1/3 of U.S. emissions come from burning fossil fuels for electricity. Through renewable power and storage, we're working together to build a more prosperous future for all.

Our Impact