A range of services for your unique needs.

As demand for clean energy options grows, so do performance expectations. Our range of services ensures the energy from our smart power plants is delivered in all the ways our customers need it.

Our Core Services

Avantus services support the unique needs and opportunities of our customers.

Offtake Opportunities

Rather than the generation technology dictating the offtake structure, Avantus offers clean and renewable energy solutions designed to meet customer needs, while respecting plant capabilities and wholesale market dynamics.

Offtake opportunities include:

  • Power purchase agreements with various tenors
  • Shaped power supply (e.g., baseload, peaking, custom shape)
  • Serving multiple offtakers from a single plant
  • Serving a single customer demand from multiple plants (i.e., Virtual Power Plant)
  • Resource Adequacy in California ISO
  • Renewable Energy Credits
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Innovative Financing Structures

Investors are seeking to understand the changing market dynamics and ensure efficient and optimal utilization of renewable and clean generation assets. Avantus offers innovative opportunities to invest in operating and development-stage clean energy projects, providing options for investment strategies and risk appetite.

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Project & Construction Management

Avantus’ construction team is comprised of experts across disciplines who ensure a project is successful executed throughout engineering, procurement and construction. Our experienced project managers and onsite engineers lead quality control, safety, and environmental compliance through close supervision of all construction-related tasks.

Construction Management services include:·

  • Oversee the entire project from permitting through completion
  • Track progress, reporting and communication
  • Oversee adherence to requirements, regulations and/or constraints
  • Manage local community relationships
Construction Management

Asset Management

Operational and maintenance needs for clean generation technology are always evolving. Our experience in asset management can help customers expertly navigate dispatch, monitoring, O&M, performance engineering activities, and reporting.

Asset Management options include:

  • Analytics-driven performance optimization
  • Storage augmentation management
  • Contract management
  • Compliance management
  • Financial management
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Relentless pursuit of better®

Avantus industry-leading services are made possible by a comprehensive approach to energy

Proprietary plant designs

Our smart power plants are designed for a wide range of use cases and can be tailored to specific customer or market needs.

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Cross-functional expertise

Our world-class development, engineering and energy markets teams work side-by-side to ensure our plants maximize value when operating.

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Diverse development portfolio

Our pipeline features one of the largest portfolios of integrated solar and energy storage plants to create an intelligent and reliable clean energy future.


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