Industry-leading pipeline of smart power plants.

Since 2009, 8minute has been leading the transition to clean energy. Now, as Avantus, we are expanding on this success, connecting our development expertise with even broader products, services and technologies to solve real-world problems for our customers.

Smart Power Plant

Power for 30 million people day & night

Industry-leading pipeline of smart power plants

We have a record-setting track record of taking smart power plants from design to reality by creating novel solutions across the project lifecycle - from permitting to financing to construction. We're applying this development expertise to execute on our massive pipeline and bring clean energy to millions of people across the Western United States. Our current portfolio is projected to deliver:

90 +
50 GW
System Capacity
42 GW
78 GWh
Energy Storage
$70 Bn

Our development advantages

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Innovative Mindset

We’re addicted to pushing the boundaries of technology, engineering and design. Our dedication to R&D and unique technology-agnostic approach enables us to drive down costs, optimize performance and expand the market for clean energy that is lower cost and more reliable than fossil fuel plants, and available day or night.

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Proven Partner

We look at power production through the eyes of utilities, corporates, landowners, communities and investors, then we tailor every project to maximize value across the board. Together, we’re shifting longstanding perceptions around renewable energy and bringing “smart generation” to the 21st century grid.

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Flawless Execution

Our laser focus on renewables enables us to consistently deliver projects from concept to completion – and to shatter industry records in the process. From the largest solar cluster in the U.S. to the first operating solar plant to beat fossil fuel prices, we’re setting a new standard of excellence.


Where we serve

Since our inception, we have executed over two dozen power purchase agreements across the Western United States, including multiple projects with the largest utilities in California and Nevada. We successfully developed, financed and constructed over 2 GW of operating solar projects and have one of the largest portfolio of smart power plants with integrated storage under development, including many industry-first projects.

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Leading green hydrogen solutions

Avantus has both the expertise and strategic assets to deliver green hydrogen affordably and at scale. With our proprietary optimization tools and smart power plant technologies, we are ready to seamlessly integrate hydrogen facilities and renewable energy to reduce costs and optimize production.

Green Hydrogen

Eagle Shadow Mountain Solar Project

See how clean energy can provide important opportunities for tribal communities.

Project Spotlights

Avantus is creating the efficient, custom-optimized solar power plants at the foundation of the clean energy transition.

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Solar & energy storage at record-low prices

Estimated to provide 7 percent of Los Angeles’ annual electricity needs and a capacity factor of up to 60 percent during the summer months, this smart power plant will dispatch clean power 24/7 using existing infrastructure to strengthen grid operations for LADWP.

Status: Under Development

Capacity: 400 MWac with 1,200 MWh of storage

Offtakers: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and the City of Glendale



2nd collaboration with Moapa Band of Paiutes

Located on the Moapa River Indian Reservation in Nevada, this intelligent power plant will be the largest on tribal land. During the most valuable summer peaking hours, the facility will produce at a capacity factor of more than 65 percent.

Status: Under Development

Capacity: 475 MWdc with 540 MWh storage

Offtakers: NV Energy



Powering 10% of Los Angeles during the day

The Springbok Cluster includes 3 projects, including the first operating solar plant to beat fossil fuel prices. The facility also includes a 1.5 MWh battery pilot program, which is providing valuable insights for larger-scale storage developments.

Status: Operational

Capacity: 450 MWdc

Offtakers: Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)


If you’re a landowner or investor with a development opportunity to discuss

Protecting California habitat and wildlife

The sheer scale of our portfolio inspires innovative mitigation strategies of the same magnitude. See how we offset potential habitat impacts with the Onyx Conservation Project in Kern County, California.

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There are no red counties or blue counties, only solar counties

The best opportunities for solar energy development — and the economic development and jobs such projects bring — aren’t just along America’s traditionally “blue” coasts, but in deep-red counties across the country.

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