Press Release

8minute Solar Energy CEO Expresses Support for Clean Energy Progress in Inflation Reduction Act

Jul 28, 2022

This statement was originally published under 8minute. 8minute changed its name to Avantus in 2022.

Today, 8minute Solar Energy Founder and CEO Dr. Tom Buttgenbach expressed his gratitude to Senators Manchin and Schumer for committing to support the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Dr. Buttgenbach emphasized how the package will lower costs for Americans, counteract inflation, aid in the fight against climate change and build our country’s clean energy future.

Read Dr. Buttgenbach’s full statement on the Inflation Reduction Act here:

“Senators Manchin and Schumer’s Inflation Reduction Act can bring us out of the dinosaur age into the cleantech era with energy provisions to lower energy bills, create jobs, fight inflation and build a manufacturing base for the clean energy future right here in the U.S. This package can catapult renewable energy production, guarantee tens of thousands of jobs and encourage massive investment in proven technologies that reduce electricity costs and fight climate change. It’s now in Congress’ hands to do the right thing.”