Press Release

8minute Solar Energy CEO Denounces Stall in Climate Progress in U.S. Budget Reconciliation

Jul 18, 2022

This statement was originally published under 8minute. 8minute changed its name to Avantus in 2022.

Reflecting an industry-wide pushback, 8minute Solar Energy Founder and CEO Dr. Tom Buttgenbach shares his disappointment in the potential removal of climate provisions in the budget reconciliation talks. Dr. Buttgenbach reiterated the need to make an energy-independent America powered by clean technology and finally put the fossil fuel industry to rest — especially as rapidly increasing energy prices and worsening climate change impacts continue to harm Americans.

Read Dr. Buttgenbach’s full statement on here:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Our country’s leaders are making the same mistakes we have since the 70s: allowing the outdated, ruinous fossil fuel industry to rake in sky-high profits while wrecking our economy. It’s easy for them to do, because our total dependence on this dinosaur industry subjects us to the whims of oil and gas companies, foreign autocrats, and the global political landscape.

“To break free from this stranglehold on our power and stave off energy-driven inflation, look no further than the cheapest form of energy – renewables. Investing in clean, reliable sources of energy produced domestically will free us from the volatility of oil and gas prices and lower energy costs. Why wouldn’t we do this? Our nation can turn crisis into an opportunity and become leaders in the clean technology revolution, surpassing our competitors to bring jobs, prosperity, and energy security home.

“Senator Manchin, if you want to put America first, you’ll commit to a clean and cheaper energy future – fighting climate change and inflation at the same time!

“Let’s break free from fossil fuels. Let’s make an energy-independent America – powered by our own clean technology – and build a better planet along the way.”