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Online Mortgage Loan Application and Credit Authorization

Eliminate upfront credit costs by empowering borrowers to start their application online at your personalized StartMyApplication website.

Start My Application Website Screenshot can help you get more loans into your pipeline from all your lead channels, faster and easier than ever.

Extend Your Marketing Reach

Your personalized StartMyApplication web site link can be embedded in your current website and promoted in all other marketing channels as well, including:

  • Social media, email campaigns, company newsletters, direct mail, pay-per-click, and the loan officer's web site.

Generate More Realtor Leads

Looking for marketing ideas to gain more realtor referrals? Add value to your relationship with realtors and potential buyers with StartMyApplication. Your personalized website will allow borrowers to begin the mortgage application process and pay their credit-related fees all online.

  • Borrowers can access the website through a link provided by the Loan Officer or their Realtor
  • Once the borrower completes the application, you receive instant notification via email
  • The merged report is then available for your review and submission through all underwriting and lending channels

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