Repulling a Frozen Credit File in the Avantus System

To help you (and your borrower) avoid frustration and keep your loans moving forward, we've added a feature to the Avantus ordering system that will allow you to repull the frozen credit files that you need, rather than going through the Customer Support process for each file.

When you log in to your Avantus account, you should see a new menu option: "Repull Frozen Credit File" as pictured below.

Repull Locked / Frozen Credit File - Avantus

Clicking on this link will take you to the Repull Frozen Credit Files screen:

Enter PIN to Repull File - Avantus

As you can see, there are two options for lifting the freeze on a frozen credit file:

  • The consumer contacts each of the credit repositories and lifts the freeze as outlined above.
  • The consumer provides you with the PIN they were given when they initially put a freeze on their credit file. This will allow you to lift the freeze as needed during the loan process. This is usually the most efficient option.

Once you've selected the appropriate option for unfreezing the file, clicking the Submit button will repull the file.

We hope that this self-service repull for frozen files will save you time and get your loans closed faster. If you have any questions, contact your Account Representative or Customer Service.