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How To Generate A Rapid Update
Request Form in The Avantus System

Updating credit report information for a rapid rescoring of your borrower's credit is simple in the Avantus system.

  • Once you've logged into the Avantus system, search for your report using the Report ID, Name or Social Security Number of the borrower.
Search for credit report

  • Open the report for which the Rapid Update is needed, then click the Rapid Update Form link under the Options section on the left of the screen.

  • Displayed is the list of creditors. To view specific details about each tradeline, including which repositories are reporting this information, click the view link in the far right column.

  • Check the Include box in the left column for each creditor you wish to order a Rapid Update on. For each creditor, the window will expand (as shown below) and allow you to select the nature of the request. You may select Other and use the comment field if one of the existing options does not apply.
  • Make sure to select the Repositories that you would like to include in the Rapid Update.

  • Once you've made all your selections, scroll down to the Upload Supporting Documents section.

  • Upload all relevant documentation, including (if needed) additional notification email addresses.

  • Enter credit card information (if required) and click Submit.

Your Rapid Update order will be submitted and assigned for processing. You will be notified by email of the status of your request as it progresses. You can also review the current status of your request at any time by logging in to

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