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Help Applicants Raise Their Credit Scores
and Close More Loans

Credit Score Improvement Tools - Close more loans by helping the consumer realize their true potential score. The CreditXpert Solution Suite, using a hybrid of artificial intelligence, statistical techniques and analytical methods, simplifies the complexities of credit scoring.

CreditXpert Wayfinder

  • CreditXpert Wayfinder™:

    Imagine how many more loans you'll close when you can provide clients with custom plans to achieve their target scores. It's not just possible--it's automatic when you use CreditXpert Wayfinder.

  • CreditXpert What-if Simulator™:

    Allows you to easily explore how various actions, such as making payments, opening or closing accounts, and transferring balances may impact an applicant's credit scores.

  • CreditXpert Credit Assure™:

    Automated Score Improvement Detection. Automatically presents findings on every file. You don't need to know anything about credit scoring or spend time scouring credit reports - Credit Assure gives you the answers.