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Settlement Services

Avantus offers a full suite of property settlement services to the equity lending industry. Our web-based ordering platform and highly trained and professional customer service staff helps streamline your process, reduce costs, and close a higher volume of loans quicker.

  • Property Title Search

    Establish current vested property ownership along with all open encumbrances.
  • Master Insurance Policy

    Insures the lender's lien position with a title insurance policy that uses information obtained from the borrower's credit file and loan application. Save time and costs associated with a traditional title search and the clearing of unreleased encumbrances, allowing immediate loan approval and closing.
  • Appraisals

    Appraisal reports estimate the market value of the property. Traditional appraisals are prepared on various forms meeting USPAP and FIRREA requirements.
  • Property Ownership Search

    Verification of the vested title ownership in the property along with a copy of the legal description.
  • Document Recording

    Avantus will hand-deliver to the courthouse any type of recorded residential real estate documents such as Assignments, Releases, Mortgages, Quitclaim Deeds, Transfer Deeds, Warranty Deeds, and more.
  • Document Retrieval

    Avantus will search for any kind of real estate document recorded at the courthouse and can quickly provide abstracted information or certified copies.