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Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

Quickly get the estimated value of a property using the Avantus suite of Automated Valuation Models. AVMs are computer models that use real estate information, recent sales, property characteristics, tax assessments and price trends to provide an estimate of value for a specific property.

Sample of an AVM appraisal, online property valuation
(sample report)

  • Significantly reduce the time and expense associated with traditional property appraisal process, while increasing consistency and objectivity.
  • Access an assortment of AVMs from top providers with nationwide geographic coverage and high hit rates from a single platform.
  • Maximize your hit rates by using our AVM Cascade option to automatically select the most accurate AVM in your geographic area.
  • Optionally have an AVM automatically returned with your mortgage credit report, or only when the borrower's score meets a threshold you specify.

AVM Models currently available

  • Home Value Explorer (HVE), from Freddie Mac
  • Home Price Analyzer (HPA)
  • Value Point® 4
  • VeroValue
  • PowerBASE
  • PASS
  • I-Val