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IRS Direct Tax Return Verification Service from Avantus. Process Form 4506-C Online

Tips For Faster Delivery of Your IRS 4506-C Forms

In order to expedite your request in a timely fashion we are requesting that you follow these guidelines so that your tax return verification request is not rejected by the IRS for errors. All 4506-C information must match IRS records in order to be approved. The most common errors are listed below:

  • Line 1a: Enter the primary taxpayer name as it appears on the original tax return for the year you are requesting. (If a joint return, enter the name shown first on the tax return.)
  • Line 3: Insert the Name and Address where taxpayer currently resides.
  • Line 4: Enter the address as it appears on the tax return that is being requested on Line 8 (If it is different than the address on Line 3).
  • Line 5: Must ALWAYS be filled with the following:
    "Avantus 600 Saw Mill Road, West Haven CT 06516 (800)243-0120 ID=AvantusTRV"
  • Line 6: Enter only ONE form number per 4506 submitted: W-2, 1040, 1065, 1099, 1120, or 5498.
  • Line 6, Parts (a)(b)(c): Check the appropriate box that applies to your form request.
  • Line 8: Special Instructions for Business Transcripts (1065 or 1120):
    Business tax information is reported quarterly, and should be requested using quarterly dates on Line 8. For example, if you need all reporting periods for a given year, you would need to indicate each period on Line 8 (ie. 1/31/2013, 3/31/2013, 6/30/2013, 12/31/2013). Entering just the year on Line 8 will only return a transcript for the last quarter of that year.

Finally, be sure to submit all requests in a "Portrait" print layout, as the "Landscape" layout will be rejected.

If you would like more information about our new IRS Direct Tax Return Verification Service, give us a call at 800.243.0120. We look forward to hearing from you.