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LoanShield - Mortgage Fraud Detection Software

Mortgage Fraud & Compliance Solutions

LoanShield is a comprehensive fraud analysis and compliance solution designed specifically for the needs of today’s lenders. LoanShield’s clear, concise reporting reduces processing time and helps lending institutions close loans faster and with more confidence.

LoanShield - Lender Approved

Built for compliance.

LoanShield has been developed to ease your compliance burden from the start. LoanShield's Investor Review satisfies all current verification elements required by most secondary market investors, including Fannie Mae's LQI. LoanShield Investor Review has been approved by CitiMortgage, Chase, Chase Rural, Stonegate, Trustmark, Nationstar, Republic Bank & Trust, and many others.

Built for speed.

LoanShield reports have been designed with the underwriter and loan processor in mind, eliminating unnecessary and redundant information and returning only the actionable data required to make faster more well-informed decisions.

Designed to meet TILA-RESPA (TRID) and the
GSE's Seller/Servicer fraud prevention guidelines.

LoanShield fraud detection service accesses billions of public records to instantly verify: borrower, property, employer company data, and watch lists, providing comprehensive national coverage.

LoanShield's intelligent search technology automatically scans the 1003 data and returns a single detailed report, eliminating the need run multiple reports and review a variety of different report formats. This single-source approach provides a highly efficient compliance solution, streamlining your compliance efforts and reducing the costs associated with performing multiple checks.

LoanShield speeds loans to closing by improving:

Readability and Transparency

Lenders consistently agree that it takes less time for their underwriters to review and resolve issues with LoanShield Investor Review than other fraud reports. LoanShield's easily scannable layout and "Pass" or "Fail" approach promotes rapid review and quick understanding of the results.

This Pass/Fail approach was designed to replicate the process taken by an underwriter. Any discrepancy between loan data and public records is highlighted. An automatic process then checks for data entry errors or compares against alternative public data to help resolve the discrepancy.

False Alert Resolution
LoanShield - Cleared by Lender

In addition to testing for data entry errors and comparing against alternate public data sources, LoanShield supports three powerful options to help lenders quickly resolve false red flags:

  • Expert Services – LoanShield's Investor Review is automatically reviewed by our fraud researchers who further investigate each discrepancy to remove 100 percent of false positives
  • Investor Rework – The Investor Review report may be resubmitted by lender for assistance in clearing of alerts;
  • Cleared by Lender – The lender can add notes and attach supporting documents in the Investor Review journal and update a “Fail” to “Cleared by Lender”

Clarity and Focus

The content of the LoanShield Investor Review has been approved by multiple investors, and does not return unnecessary and redundant information. In addition, LoanShield can also be further customized to focus specifically on the verification risk test required by the lender.

LoanShield Investor Review

Comprehensive loan analysis, presented with the clarity you need to close with confidence.

LoanShield Investor Review verifies:
  • Borrower Identity
  • Address History and Property Ownership
  • MERS Lien
  • Employer ID
  • Subject Property
  • FHFA Home Price Index
  • FEMA Declared Disaster
  • Excluded Party and Appraiser License

LoanShield Credit Review

Satisfy your LQI compliance requirements and identify potential roadblocks prior to closing quickly and easily.

LoanShield Credit Review:
  • Automatically compares current credit data with the original credit report
  • Identifies previously undisclosed liabilities
  • Satisfies Fannie Mae's LQI compliance requirement
  • Performs soft inquiries with all three bureaus - no impact on credit score.

LoanShield Civil Court Search

The LoanShield Civil Court Search identifies liens, tax liens and civil judgments that may be missing from the credit report as a result of the credit repositories' implementation of the National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP), which significantly affected the reporting of public record data.

LoanShield Civil Court Search:
  • Nationwide coverage, with over 3,600 courts
  • Searches federal, state, county, municipal, and small claims courts
  • Includes liens, tax liens, civil judgments, and bankruptcies (optional)
  • Provides lenders with the data they need to make more informed loan decisions

Civil Court Search Frequently Asked Questions >>

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