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Competitive pricing, customized for the way you do business.

Whether you need one product or a product bundle, Avantus offers multiple custom pricing options and exceptional customer service to help you save money and close more loans.

Know Before You Owe Compliance

All-Inclusive Bundled Pricing

Meeting new disclosure deadlines while ensuring that the consumer's quoted costs and final costs are in compliance is an increasingly difficult task for today's lenders. Since many things can affect the cost of a credit report between the estimate and closing, making an accurate quote to the consumer using a traditional a la carte pricing model can present a real challenge.

Avantus' all-inclusive pricing solution ensures that the price quoted on the GFE and the final cost reported on the HUD statement does not change; regardless of the back-end processing, updates, and fees required to complete the underwriting.

All-inclusive pricing makes "Know Before You Owe" compliance easier, simplifies billing and reconciliation, and doesn't increase your credit costs.

Bundled pricing doesn't mean higher pricing.

Whether you need an all-inclusive bundled pricing package or a different bundle of products, our goal is to put together a custom pricing proposal that is revenue neutral. We analyze your actual ordering history to create a custom bundled services package that meets the needs of your business and doesn't increase your credit reporting costs.

Competitive pricing whether a la carte, bundled, or all-inclusive

If you only need credit reports from Avantus, we'll give you competitive pricing on credit reports. All Avantus products can be ordered a la carte, if that fits the needs of your business.

Most Avantus products can be included in a bundle as well, including:
  • Tri-Merge, Single or Joint Credit Report
  • FICO scores
  • Fraud Protection
  • Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac Reissue Fees
  • Secondary Use Fees
  • LOS Charges
  • OFAC
  • Reprints/Reissues/Deliveries
  • Tradeline Updates
  • LoanShield Pre-Close Credit Refresh
  • IRS Tax Transcripts

If you would like more information on the pricing options that Avantus offers, please contact your Avantus Account Representative or call us at 800.243.0120.