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How To Use The What-If Simulator

As you've seen in the previous examples (see: How To Increase Credit Scores with CreditXpert Wayfinder) getting your borrower to the score they need using the CreditXpert suite of products is simple and straightforward using the Avantus system. With Wayfinder, we were given specific instructions to follow in order to achieve the desired credit score increase. With the What-If Simulator, you can create your own specific scenario or see score results based upon actions already taken by the consumer.

  • For example: Consumer says: "What happens if I pay down my Visa account or provide proof that I was never late on my mortgage?"

Clicking Order on the What-If row will open a new window allowing you to edit specific account information fields.

CreditXpert New What If Simulator How To 1
  • Note: The What-If Simulator defaults to an Immediate time frame, meaning that any changes you make will be done using our Rapid Update service.

Example 1: Simulating a Balance Change on an Account

For this example we will be using a GEMB Credit Card account.

CreditXpert What-If Simulator - Make a balance change
  • Click inside the Balance field, and type a new balance (e.g. Zero). Press Enter and the Forecast credit score is updated automatically at the top of the page.
  • The What-if Simulator also allows you to simulate other actions. You can Close an account, change the account's Payment Method, and even Delete an account to forecast possible scoring changes.
  • Note: Do NOT click the Delete this record box unless you have proof that the account does not belong to the consumer and should be deleted from the credit file permanently.
  • CreditXpert What-if Simulator - Start OverIf you would like to try a different sequence of actions, you can click the Start Over button at anytime to begin again.

Your Actions are recorded on the right hand side of the screen, in the sequence performed:

What-If Simulator Actions

  • Remember: Every action modifies the results of a previous action. Removing actions or performing them in a different order may produce different results.


Example 2: Creating a New Credit Account

Clicking on the Open a New Account button will allow you to simulate the effect that opening a new credit account may have on the applicant's score:

CreditXpert What-if Simulator - Create New Credit Account

  • Opening a new credit account will change the timeframe from Immediate to in 1 month, since new accounts typically take at least one month to be reported:

CreditXpert What-if Simulator - Create New Credit Account

Important Notes:

  • If you have an urgent timeframe for results Follow the actions recommended exactly and request a Rapid Update, with the assistance of Avantus personnel.
  • If you have NO immediate timeframe and can wait at least a month to see results, follow the actions recommended precisely and wait for the credit bureaus to update the borrower's file electronically at the end of every month. The score will always change over time as information is updated, added, or deleted.

If you have questions about our credit score improvement tool CreditXpert, or any of our mortgage credit products and services, feel free to give us a call at 800-243-0120.