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More Ways to Use CreditXpert Wayfinder

As you saw in the previous example on using CreditXpert Wayfinder, simply using the default settings can produce great results for your borrower's credit score and your loan. In this example, we'll show you more ways to use the tool including pinpointing a specific score.

Targeting a Specific Credit Score

As you can see in the screenshot below, targeting a specific score is possible with Wayfinder.

CreditXpert Wayfinder Score Targeting 1

Note: Targeting a specific score may change the actions taken, potential percentage, and timeframe of achieving the score.

CreditXpert Wayfinder Score Targeting Result 1

CreditXpert Wayfinder Score Targeting Result 2

Hopefully, you have achieved your credit score improvement goal and are ready to review the results with your consumer.

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Remember, it is always best to work with a fresh/recent credit report, in order to obtain the most accurate predictive power of the CreditXpert products.

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