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Updating a Credit Report in
The Avantus System

Updating a tradeline on a credit report or correcting inaccurate information is simple in the Avantus system.

How To Order a Tradeline Update

1.  Open the borrower's file will bring you to the Detail screen.

2.  Under Actions section on the left side of the page, select Order Updates.

Ordering tradeline updates

3.  Displayed is the list of creditors. In the Update column on the left, select the trades which require an Update then click Continue.

Creditors Listing

4.  Select the Update type from the drop-down menu and enter any additional notes. Change owning operator if required.

  • Add any special instructions, and enter an email address if you'd like to receive notification upon completion.
  • Select Submit.

Updating tradelines details

You're Done!

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