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How to Order Tax Transcripts in Calyx

Ordering4506-T Tax Return Verifications from Avantus is easy in Calyx with our IRS Direct TRV Service.

If you are not currently an Avantus customer, give us a try! This is just one of the many services we'd like to provide for you.

Getting Started

Open the application in Point. In the Services menu, select Verifications > Request Verification.

Ordering TRV 4506-T in Calyx - Step 1

When you see the screen below, select a borrower. If ordering W2/1099 (or if consumers file separately) you must submit two separate orders.

Ordering TRV 4506-T in Calyx - Step 2

Check the box for the type of transcript you require, and then choose the years from the dropdown alongside the transcript type that you selected.

NOTE: If you would like to request eSign please check the eSignature box in addition to selecting transcript type and years.

Ordering TRV 4506-T in Calyx - Step 3

If you are NOT using eSignature, click on Browse to locate and attach the signed 4506T.

Ordering TRV 4506-T in Calyx - Step 4

On the signed 4506T, Box 5a should include the following Avantus information as the 3rd party: Avantus LLC, 600 Saw Mill Rd, West Haven, CT 06516 800-243-0120 ID=avantustrv

In Box 5b the Customer File Number (CFN) should be left blank. Avantus submits a unique identifier for each order for proper matching of returned redacted transcripts.

Click on the Submit button, enter User ID and Password and click on OK. This will send the request to Avantus.

Ordering TRV 4506-T in Calyx - Step 5

You will receive the below message when request is sent successfully.

Ordering TRV 4506-T in Calyx - Step 6

When you receive the email from Avantus that the transcript is complete, re-open your application in Point. Go back to Verifications and you will see that Check Status is already checked. Click on Submit enter User ID and Password. This will retrieve the completed transcripts.

Ordering TRV 4506-T in Calyx - Step 7

If you have any more questions about ordering tax transcripts, 4506-T forms or other products through Avantus, please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 243-0120. We look forward to hearing from you.

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