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How to Generate a Report Invoice

To generate a report invoice in the Avantus ordering system, first login to your Avantus account.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. First, open the Report ID and click on the Invoice icon. You will see a list of all possible matches (based on SSN or similar name). By default the system will select the Report ID that you are currently in, but you can include others to get all charges.

2. When you click on the Submit button you will be taken to the following screen. Note: if there was only one file initially, with no similar matches you would have been taken directly to this page. This page will list all charges included on all the selected files, including any products priced at $.00.

3. To exclude any fees or charges from the invoice, simply click the Hide checkbox beside each charge.

4. To make a credit card payment for the specific charges you've included, click on the Submit Payment link above, and you'll be taken to the payment screen below.

5. To print a copy of the invoice, click on the Printable View link and your printable invoice will appear.

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