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How To Add an Operator To Your Avantus Account

The first step in adding an operator to your Avantus account is to click on the Administration tab at the top of the screen.

Although there are several ways to add an operator to your Avantus account, the easiest method is to simply Copy an existing operator's account. To copy another account, click on an existing Operator Name in the Operators Configured section to open that account. You can also use the Add button in this section to create a new user, but most Avantus customers prefer the copy method.

Once you've opened an existing operator's account, click on the Copy link in the left side menu under Operator Details.

If you would like this new operator to have the same permissions and settings as your other operators, simply enter a new Operator ID, fill in the new user's details in the Operator Preferences section, and click the Save button.

If you would like the new operator to have Administrator permissions, select Yes in the Customer Admin dropdown.

Note: Customer Admins can make changes to the main account as well as other operator's accounts. This permission should only be granted to someone that you've authorized to perform these actions.

Once you've clicked the Save button, the new operator's account will show on the screen with the words "New Operator Added" at the top of the page. If the "New Operator Added" message is not displayed, ensure that all fields have been completed correctly before saving again.

Once your new operator has been added, click on the Send Welcome Email link to send them their OperatorID, then click on the Assign New Password and Notify link to send their temporary password.

Your new operator should now be able to log in to the Avantus system using their OperatorID and temporary password.

If you encounter any problems or have questions about adding an operator to your account, please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 243-0120 Option 1.

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