The Avantus eSign Process

If you have elected to use the Avanuts eSign process to allow your customers to sign documents electronically, the following instructions may assist you in the process.

When submitting an order for a consumer's tax transcript the consumer will receive an email (to the address you've supplied in the order) from Avantus Tax Transcript Service, as seen below:

The link in the email will take the consumer to the actual 4506T document to be eSigned.

Clicking the Start button will highlight Box 1b. The consumer should now enter their SSN (or EIN if a business) without dashes for verification purposes. Clicking Next will take them through the next few steps of the signing process.

Once all required fields have been completed, the consumer will be prompted to eSign the document as shown below:

After signing and selecting the Apply button, the consumer will be taken to the signature area of the form where they can complete the process by clicking the Click to Sign button. Your order will now be submitted.

If you have any questions regarding the eSign process, please contact your Account Representative or Avantus Customer Service.