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Product Demos

See how fast and easy it is to order your credit reports and other products through the Avantus online ordering system.

These video walkthroughs will take you step-by-step through the various product and service offerings available to customers of Avantus. Make sure to view the sample reports below as well.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to give us a call at 800-243-0120.

Credit Reporting

View a Video Demo of the LoanShield Mortgage Fraud Detection Software

Avantus System Overview
How to Order Credit Reports in the Avantus System

Mortgage Fraud Detection

View a Video Demo of the LoanShield Mortgage Fraud Detection Software

LoanShield Ordering Demo
Scan all loan participants in seconds. Includes Credit Review for Fannie Mae LQI compliance.

Credit Score Improvement

View a Video Demo of the CreditXpert's Tools to Improve Credit Scores

Ordering CreditXpert in the Avantus Ordering System
Help your customers improve credit scores quickly and close more loans.

Learn How to Raise Borrower Credit Scores with CreditXpert

CreditXpert Webinar and Q&A With Scoring Expert Tim McQuillan
Step-by-step walkthrough using CreditXpert's Credit Assure and the What-if Simulator.

Sample Reports

Our reports are clear, complete and easy to read. Here, take a look for yourself:


Trimerge Mortgage Credit Report Sample PDF

Tri Merge Credit Reports
Format 1  |  Format 2  |  Format 3

Sample exception notice, Risk-based pricing

Risk-Based Pricing Exception Notice

Fraud Detection & Compliance

LoanShield Sample Report

LoanShield Investor Review - Mortgage Fraud Report

LQI Compliance, LoanShield Credit Review Sample

LoanShield Credit Review for LQI Compliance

AVM Sample, Online property valuation PDF

Red Flags Report - Compliance with the FTC's Red Flags Ruling


Tax Transcript Income Verification Sample

IRS Direct Tax Transcript for Income Verification

Sample Employment Verification Report

Employment Verification Report

Sample SSNV Report

SSN Verification Report

Business Reports

Corporate Tax Transcript Sample

Corporation Tax Return Transcript - Form 1120, 1120S

Partnership Tax Transcript Sample

Partnership Tax Return Transcript - Form 1065

Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

AVM Sample, HVE - Home Value Explorer Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac's Home Value Explorer (HVE) AVM

AVM Sample, Home Price Analyzer

Home Price Analyzer AVM

AVM Sample, iVal

i-Val AVM

AVM Sample, PASS


AVM Sample, PowerBase 6

PowerBase AVM

AVM Sample, ValuePoint 4

ValuePoint 4 AVM

AVM Sample, Vector

Vector AVM

AVM Sample, VeroValue

VeroValue AVM

Property Assessment Report

PAR, Market Condition, Inspection, Property Assessment Report

Property Assessment Report

Flood Certification

Flood Zone Determination, Certification PDF

Flood Zone Determination