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Avantus Account Dashboard

The Dashboard is a handy account management and productivity tool that allows you to view the status of all reports ordered by your organization in a clean, easy to use interface.

Get an up-to-the minute status of reports in process, as well as all reports previously ordered up to 90 days.

Find and sort your orders quickly

Dashboard's easy-to-use search and one-click filtering gets you to the reports you need quickly.

Select only the product types you want to see, or search by Loan Number, Report ID, or Last Name.

Keep your loans on track

Dashboard Alerts let you know immediately if there are any issues with your orders, helping you keep your pipeline flowing efficiently.

Simplify your account management tasks

View all activity across your organization, or switch to a specific branch or individual operator in one click. Download any filtered reporting view you create to Excel for easier management and reporting.

Make your life easier

We designed the Dashboard to help you increase productivity, monitor costs, and keep your loans moving efficiently towards closing.

If you'd like to start using the Avantus Dashboard, simply select the Dashboard button when you login to your Avantus account, or contact your Avantus Account Representative.