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How to Set Custom Access Levels by Operator

Avantus now supports custom access level settings for individual operators in our online ordering system. Grant or restrict access within your Company Account and/or across Departments/Branches.

Applying Custom Access Levels

Once logged in to Avantus, select the Administration tab. Scroll down to the Operators Configured section, and click on the Operator's name.

Choose Operator

To allow this Operator to access all requests pulled by any Operator under the Department/Branch the Operator is set up under, set the Restrict View field to Standard.


To restrict an Operator's access to see only their files, set the Restrict View field to Restrict.


To allow an Operator to have access to their own requests as well as other Departments/Branches or Operators, set the Restrict View field to Custom. Once the Custom access level for this Operator is saved, the Operator's will have access to All Customers, All Operators by default. To make additional custom changes click on Edit Custom Restrictions link.

Custom Edit

To restrict an Operator's access to other specific Operators, use the drop down selection under Limit Access to Reports owned by these Operators and click Add as seen below. Repeat the process for additional Operators.

Limit Operators
Limit Additional Operators

To allow an Operator access across your Company Branch/Departments, use the drop down selection under Limit Access owned by Branch/Department and click Add. Repeat the process to allow for any addtional Branches/Departments.

Limit Branch
Limit Addtional Branches

If you encounter any problems or have questions about adding Custom Restrictions to your Operators, please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 243-0120, Option 1.

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