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The Copy Report Feature

This feature allows you to generate a copy of the original credit data to a new Report ID. You may also generate a borrower or co-borrower only copy of the original data, or swap borrower and co-borrower as primary and secondary applicant.

To make a copy of a credit report in the Avantus reporting system, first go to and login using your Avantus credentials.

1.  From your account Home page, search for and open the file you wish to copy.

2.  Once you've opened the file, you will be in the portfolio for that report. Click on the Copy Report link.

3.  From the Copy Borrowers dropdown menu, select the type of copy you wish to make and click on the Copy button.

4.  To swap the borrower and co-borrower as primary and secondary applicant, select Borrower and Co-Borrower from the dropdown menu and check the Swap Borrower and Co-borrower box.

If you have any more questions about making a copy of a credit report or other questions about our ordering system, please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 243-0120.

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