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How to Order Business Credit Reports

1. Download the Business Credit Report Questionnaire by clicking on the link below:

Business Credit Report Questionnaire

2. Fax the completed questionnaire and any supporting or relevant documentation to Avantus at (800) 942-9451.

3. Turnaround time is approximately 5 business days. The Business Credit Report will contain the following information:

  • Net worth - If accountant information is provided, accountant is contacted for a net worth on the business and length of business relationship.
  • Corporation Information - Secretary of State is contacted for every business, whether business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company and/or corporation.
  • Better Business Bureau report on the company.
  • Licenses checked with the appropriate state licensing departments.
  • Information obtained when contacting all credit reference listed.

To view a sample Business Credit Report, click the corresponding link under the Related Resources section on this page.

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