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Are You Compliant?

The business of mortgage lending and servicing has fundamental risks that cannot be avoided. As such, compliance requirements have become increasingly stringent. It is critical that your business have an effective compliance management strategy to ensure the ongoing success of the business.

Following are resources to help your organization stay compliant with the current regulations, and support your overall risk management strategy.

Avantus Customers: Your Data Security Requirements Under The Avantus Membership Agreement

Fannie Mae LQI Compliance

TILA-RESPA (TRID) Integrated Disclosures Compliance

FCRA Responsibility for-Adverse Action

FCRA Compliance Tests

FTC Safeguard Rules and GLB Compliance

Additional Information - How to Stay Secure

If you have any questions regarding compliance as it relates to working with Avantus, please give us a call at (800) 243-0120.