Setting Up Additional Operators for StartMyApplication

Once your Avantus account has been activated for StartMyApplication (SMA), your account Administrators can set up additional SMA operators/domains under their account without the need to contact Customer Support.

Instructions for Admins:

First, log in to your account at

From your list of Operators, choose an account that's already set up for StartMyApplication.

Under Operator Details, select the Setup link.

From the Edit/Setup screen, select Copy SMA Setup.

Create the new SMA website

Enter the users Operator ID, what the new SMA domain will be (e.g., then click the Copy button.

Note: The SMA domain must be unique for each operator, adjustment to this may be required if the domain already exists.

Any company information that was entered in the previous loan officer's SMA setup will be prefilled.

Enter the new loan officer's personal information in the dedicated Owner fields (Owner Name, NMLS, ...). You can also upload the loan officer's photo, but it's not required.

Select the loan officer's Allowed States. You can select one or more states or use the Select All option.

Once complete, the loan officer's new website will be active and ready to generate more business!

We hope that this self-service feature for SMA will save you time and get you more loans in the pipeline! If you have any questions, please contact your Avantus Account Representative.