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Qualify Me Now - Soft Pull Prequal

Pre-qualify and
pre-approve consumers instantly from your own website with no impact on the credit score.

QualifyMeNow is a soft-inquiry credit report initiated by the consumer with your specific lending criteria built in. QualifyMeNow instantly compares the consumer's credit data with your decisioning requirements and returns to them your pre-qualified loan offerings.


Today's consumers expect a quick, mobile-friendly solution for everything, including buying a home. With your own personalized QualifyMeNow website, consumers can get prequalified for your loan programs from anywhere, anytime. Our mobile-first solution allows potential borrowers to request a soft-inquiry credit report, provide authorization to you for compliance and audit purposes, and be pre-qualified instantly.


QualifyMeNow, exclusively from Avantus, uses our advanced Credit Analysis products to compare the potential borrower's credit data to any combination of data points that you specify for use in the decisioning process; such as credit score, usage data, payment history, income, and many more.


QualifyMeNow is FCRA compliant and has been built to satisfy audit requirements. The consumer's disclosure acknowledgement is stored along with the transaction data and can be easily accessed for audit purposes.

Start Using it Now!

Contact your Avantus Account Representative to start using QualifyMeNow today! If you aren't an Avantus customer give us a call at 800.243.0120 and we'll get you started.